Monday, August 1, 2011

Glass etching on Pyrex

Etch to your hearts content!

Almost anything made of glass you can etch with any design
It's so simple

I've wanted to try this since seeing it on a blog a while back.
Searching the local craft stores came up with Amour Etch but I was still missing the masking film (contact vinyl to cut the stencil from and have the ability to reposition)
I found the perfect contact vinyl at (click here)
I got both clear and opaque (only $4.50 for 3 yds)

here's what I did

1. Picked out a pattern to put on my pie plate
I used a quilt book and found a pattern

2. Cut out the pattern on contact vinyl

3. Put it on my pie plate

4. Applied the etch cream
I let it sit for 7 min

5. Wiped, washed and peeled the stencil off
I threw away the stencil, though I could have saved and reused


This is so simple I think everything made of glass will be etched soon!

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  1. I wanna try doing my own etched glass by following this instruction. It seems it's very easy to make it.