Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Spy swap found!

I was thinking about hosting a swap ( I have WAY too much I Spy fabric) but I found someone else who was hosting.

Hop over to Hammer and Thread (link)

Come join the fun!
I'm already in!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fabric is in the mail!

All of the 40 swappers packages have made it into the mail!
I hope you enjoy all your fabric.
Thanks for swapping!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

NJ Ink Class

My friend Donna and I took an ink pen workshop while in NJ.
Here are some picts of the classes' work

NJ Quilt Show

Today I attended the NJ Quilt show.
Here are some of the neat quilts I got to see:(If only I had this much time on my hands)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Swaps 3 and 4 are now full!

Thanks for all that responded to the swap call!

If you want to be an alternate or be emailed for the next swap leave a message here and I'll keep you updated!

Monday, February 20, 2012

I Spy #3 is full, so let's do another Swap group #4!!!!

There are 4 spots left in this swap.
Please let your email and comment below and I"ll confirm your spot!

Same deal as Swap 3
Get 10 I Spy fabrics, cut into 20 4" squares
Group them, send them
Get them back with lots of other squares!
Love your fabric!!

Happy swapping!

I'm "Sew" happy that so many people were ready to swap.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Spy Swap #3 Sign ups!

Hello swappers.

I was going through my stash and seems I've accumulated a lot
of new I Spy fabric so I'm ready to host another swap.

Fabric will be due to me by March 17th

I will send shipping details once we have the 19 swappers signed up.

Here are the details to consider:

The details:
The first 19 people to sign up here (and confirm via my email confirmation) are in.

Just leave a comment and your email on this post, and make sure I have a way to contact you.
I will send a confirmation email which you need to return to guarantee your spot.

Each person will send (20) 4" squares from each of 10 novelty fabrics to me
by March 17th.

I'll have some details on how to sort them, and I will also need for you to send a stamped envelope so I can mail your squares back to you.

You will receive (200) 4" novelty squares (enough for 2 small I-SPY quilts
or 1 large one) We're hoping to send packages out by April 1st.

A few thoughts and guidelines on the fabrics...
Please measure carefully and use a rotary cutter to cut your fabric
When picking fabric please use good quality. Joanns or local quilt store are
If you can see through it or the fabric is really thin, then the fabric cannot be used for this swap.
(I reserve the right to send your fabric back if I deem it too thin)

Many fabric stores have a dedicated novelty fabric section.
But generally these are fabrics with objects... animals, food, people, etc. It may help to
think in terms of things you could use for the I-SPY game. (I spy the letter G,
I spy a sushi roll, I spy a monkey eating a banana, etc....)

In order to avoid duplicate patterns, go on a mission for some really
obscure, hard to find prints that aren't available at the chain retailers.

No team prints or licenses characters (SpongeBob, Dora, etc.) So for
example, a print with basketballs would be great, but a Dallas Mavericks print
is not. Or a print with ducks wearing hats is great, but Donald Duck is not.

The object in the fabric should be distinguishable in a 3.5 x 3.5 square,
which will be its finished size. Keep this in mind when choosing fabrics. Either
go with smaller prints, or be ready to fussy-cut.

You can get (20) 4" squares out of a 1/4 yard cut of fabric or out of a
fat quarter. So you'll need to purchase at least 2 1/2 yards of

What is an I-SPY quilt?
It's a quilt made with novelty fabrics. And it's a wonderful
toy to play I-SPY with. Great for traveling with kids or rest time or when you
need something to occupy little ones. How to play? Take turns spotting something
in the quilt, maybe "I spy, with my little eye, a frog in a tutu!" And the first
person to point out the tutu frog on the quilt goes next, and so on. Hours and
hours of fun!

If you want to participate, leave a comment and email on this post!

If you are not one of the first 19 people to comment but would like to be an
alternate, please go ahead and comment. I'll contact you if someone drops out.

I spy #3??

So I'm thinking of hosting another I Spy swap.

Currently I am in a swap for
-wonky houses (already completed and sent)
-wonky trees (already completed and sent)
-Spring swap over at Bolo heads (
-I have orange in one swap and purple in the other

But every time i open my I spy box (which is overflowing) I think, hmmm I should do another swap.
I like 4" swaps because they're manageable and easy to cut from a FQ or 1/4 yd.

So I think I"ll just go ahead and make another swap.
Check out the details in the next post and think about joining!

What's new with Flynn?

I am a proud mother of a 19 month fast paced boy named Flynn.
His vocabulary is becoming bigger by the minute.
Recently (2 days now) we've started potty introduction.
We're in big boy undies but all I seem to do is take a wet pair off and put a dry pair on.

Some of you may look and say 19 months is early.
I've been reading all over the internet about what people think.
Some say start at a year, some say we're lucky if he's trained by 3!!!
I'm ready to throw in the towel but know that 2 days is not enough to make any indication.
Here's to more laundry!!!!