Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sneak Peak

Here are a few fabrics that have been sent.
10 packages are here...10 more to go!
Enjoy the sneak peak!

Nuts/bolts, houses, football players, socks, Halloween, school bus

Cupcakes, penguins, horse shoes, musical instruments

Coins, ladybugs, marbles, spiders, toadstools

Flipflops, monkey, snails, fish

Jack'o lanterns, apples, teapots, fruit

Alien, balloons, anchors, cupcakes

Money, footballs, watermelon, holly, coffee

Peace signs, hot air balloons, lizards, shamrocks

Dinosaurs, tiger stripes, dots, trains

Fruits/veggies, bingo, canoes, toast


  1. Wow! Very cool. Can't wait to see them ALL when they arrive. :)

  2. exciting!! I can hardly wait to make my first i-spy quilt!

  3. thanks for the sneak peak. I bought all my fabric a few days ago (and raided my stash too) and was having doubts as to if they were "good enough" so now I know we are all golden! Cutting Fri at the LATEST! (and mailing fri or sat)